'RGB can create, manage and support your digital assets'
  • Bespoke IT :Dedicated services

    We provide young companies and overstretched organisations with highly dependable services in any area of IT.

    Our highly talented team are ready to provide fast development services to meet even the most demanding deadlines. Our organisation can build bespoke applications for individual projects, or even provide assistance to your existing in-house development teams.
    We have expertise in the following areas:

    • Customized software development /IT services
    • Multimedia application development, presentations, 2D / 3D animation creative
    • Web developments - ranging from small niche websites to large web portals
    • Also web developments fully managed
    • System migration, code conversion
    • Application maintenance
    • Remote monitoring of systems including kiosks and digital signage
    • Product co-development
    • Search engine optimization
    • Internet marketing
    • Kiosk application development
    • Digital signage software development
    • Loyalty card systems
    • Mobile applications including Android, Windows 7 mobile and iphone applications

  • Resources

    RGB has a well tested process for provisioning longer term resources for clients. Projects are sometimes initiated by our own in house team and then reach a capacity level where clients decide to establish dedicated resources provided by us at a saving month on month. We search and recruit skilled people and present them to you to decide if they are suitable. Whether you need a one person contract or develop a team of up to 20 resources, we are ready to find the right people and oversee your best practices.

    We call this service Virtual In-House™ and it provides a fast and simple platform for companies to establish and operate offices and staff in other territories. Organisations have access to a full range of services including recruitment, office space, infrastructure, HR and legal services without the risk, difficulty and investment commonly associated with locating into foreign countries. We establish a flexible and scalable foundation for companies to draw on.

    For more information go to www.rgbsw.com

  • Off-the-Shelf:

    We have several applications available to suit various needs and requirements:

    • CMS (content management systems) we call ‘Mediacloud
    • Remote access and monitoring programs
    • Reporting tools for transaction data and user analytics
    • Secure browser configurations for public space web services
    • Loyalty scheme and reward services
    • Digital signage software
    • Device plug-in code for peripherals
    • PCI compliant chip and pin payment integration and fast payment modules

    For more details on our full range of software services, visit www.rgbsw.com or press on the icon on our 'home' page.

  • Bespoke

    We have a team of programmers proficient in most computer languages. They can build new applications and re-develop existing ones. You may have an old system that needs to be brought up to date or have a unique software requirement? Talk to us and we will demonstrate how our approach will benefit your business.

    To view our full software capabilities, go to www.rgbsw.com.

    We offer total solutions covering both 'back end' and 'front end' creatives and programming.

    Having successfully designed and implemented systems for well known brands, we have demonstrated the value that we can add.

    Clients approach us with a problem to either solve or help them with. This may be in the form of a self-service kiosk ‘roll out’ that needs reporting and tracking all the way up to a future store concept and build that needs digital signage.

    We work as consultants or with consultants to plan and build systems that are dependable, manageable, relevant and affordable.

    Most of our software applications are modular so that you can configure your own setup or ask us to do this work for you.

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