'Design, manufacture, test, deploy, measure'
  • RGB manufactures simple to use self-service kiosks. We are interested in how these devices improve a client's business, whether this is represented by an increase in sales, saving on resource or improving the customer experience, leading to a higher retention of the customer base. Our 'in house' software developers can provide compelling applications or work with existing platforms. We listen to the needs and aspirations of our clients and support a solution with measurable ROI's audited through our content management system called Mediacloud.

    Whether you need hardware or software, RGB is able to offer a wide range of services, from supply of pre-designed products through to bespoke kiosk, display builds and software applications.

    We draw on our vast experience of retail, marketing and advertising and will be able to understand your business needs.

  • Hardware

    RGB has 'on site' manufacturing capability, allowing us the ability to offer competitive pricing on kiosk and display build whilst maintaining a high level of production quality. We can integrate a wide range of peripherals to fulfil specific functions for your projects.

    Device integration may include:

    • PCI compliant chip and pin readers
    • Coin and note readers
    • Scanners
    • Printers
    • Biometric devices
    • Webcams
    • RFID readers
    • Microphones
    • Rugged keyboards
    • WiFi
    • Bluetooth transmitters
    • Rugged phone handsets
  • Applications

    Our designers create simple to use interfaces, which are either touch or keyboard driven.

    We work closely with brands and in-house teams and strategically plan the interface design and functionality to suit the context of the project. You may need ordering, purchasing, booking and printing to be carried out? These functions are ‘second nature for us’ and it is likely that we have coded a similar solution before.

    Here are just some of the services that can be accessed via our systems:

    • Unattended chip and pin payments
    • General information; way-finding/store locators etc.
    • Data collation via registration or promotional means
    • Digital media vending (music download, photo, gaming)
    • Voucher or coupon printing
    • Loyalty cards (dispensing at kiosk and ongoing)
    • Price/product look up/comparison
    • Staff/customer training and communication
    • Ticket dispensing
    • Utility bill payment and phone 'top-up'
    • Virtual reception and customer service applications
    • Self check-in check-out

    Our team can develop specific applications to suit your project needs.

  • Installation and support

    We have a network of engineers across the UK; this enables us to deliver, install and look after our systems for you.

    Most of our products are on-line, which allows for remote access, enabling us to carry out full diagnostics and upgrades.

    We currently deploy some of our kiosks with mobile data connectivity, allowing for a fast deployment and removing any IT infrastructure issues.

    We provide a full support program providing remote updates and technical fixes and can reach main city site locations in 2 hours should there be a hardware issue. Our help desk initiates a proven process that minimises downtime.

    We have a remote IT helpdesk ready to service any issues within 3 hours and work to stringent service level agreement (SLA), giving you peace of mind.

  • Measurability

    Over the years we have learned the importance of tracking a new service.

    ‘It is extremely important to understand the usage characteristics of a system through a controlled pilot. User metrics are retained through our Mediacloud CMS (Content management system).’

    This service measures and reports usage levels on various interface applications, so our clients can fully understand if they are achieving a direct benefit for their business.

    Along with automated evaluation and reporting, we also speak directly with store staff and customers and gain their feedback about a new service, so that we can improve the solution ongoing.

  • Off-the-shelf

    Our off-the-shelf or standardised ranges of products have been developed to fulfil a multitude of needs within different sectors. Our aim is to offer competitively priced units that are well built and can accommodate any number of peripherals. These models have been well tested and can be sold in small quantities which can be useful when conducting a controlled pilot project. Preparation of these units is quick and easy should the project become urgent.

    We offer a range to suit various public space settings: free-standing, wall-mounted, desk mounted and even outdoor are available.

    We believe we offer the most competitively priced units in the UK, meaning there is a kiosk solution to suit most budgets.

  • Bespoke

    If you have a special requirement, we can offer a bespoke ‘from concept’ solution. With in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can take an idea, conceptualise, design then build. We will keep you informed during the development of the prototypes to ensure that your brief is realised.

  • Tablet Kiosk

    RGB have delivered a number of projects using tablet devices and we have developed several suitable hardware fixtures for well known devices.

    Our software team have created many applications in retail. We have designed and coded interactive customer survey interface games and locked down websites, created competition apps so these devices can be used for assisted selling and self service browsing. Although tablets can't replace resilient kiosks, there are some significant benefits using these devices as they are low cost, small and portable.

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