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    RGB feels that one of the greatest emerging markets is in Mobile phone applications. These can be stand alone applications or part of a broader marketing mix.

    Our ethos is simply to provision information and services in a convenient and interactive way and we are exploring new methods and techniques in this area.

    We have the latest development skills available to produce useful applications across most mobile platforms including Android, iPhone and Windows 7 mobile. If you have a mobile application project or idea that we can help you with, we would be pleased to bring it to life.

    We are currently developing mobile coupon, loyalty, category search applications and Mcommerce product ordering, as well as competition and customer feedback solutions.

    If you want to review our loyalty mobile application then, go to www.urloyalty.com.

  • Tablet Applications

    RGB have delivered a number of projects using tablet devices and we have developed several suitable hardware fixtures for well known devices.

    Our software team have created many applications in retail we have designed and coded interactive customer survey interface games and locked down websites, created competition apps so these devices can be used for assisted selling and self service browsing. Although tablets can't replace resilient kiosks, there are some significant benefits using these devices as they are low cost, small and portable.

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