'We are always looking for new ways of doing things'
  • RGB has been working hard to create new experiences in retail and public space for many years.

    RGB also works over the some of the other features:
    • Connect to live social data feed and present information on screen
    • Show brand-created media, TV campaigns live events
    • Ordering Products from a virtual inventory online from a specific store location
    • Connects remote kiosks or digital signs via webcam
    • User statistics and administrator functionality
    • Card reader payment solution
    • Cash vending or card payment using chip and pin
    • Receipt, promotion and information printing

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    Gesture technology

    ‘Gestech’ is our evolving development of gesture interface systems; we have begun to incorporate Microsoft KINECT™ into our research and can offer some very futuristic applications and results. Storefronts that can track audience participation out of hours and gestures search through digital content - fun and engaging. This is only one simple example of a number of innovative applications, some of which we keep under wraps for obvious reasons. To learn more about our products, please contact us.

  • MediaWall


    MEDIAWALL™ connects store customers with online experiences, creating an ongoing association with your brand. MEDIAWALL™ is a large format screen positioned on a wall or within a freestanding display inside the store. Customers can control the screen by touch and view your online store, local promotions and enjoy other digital interaction. Customer centric content then inspires the user and drives a stronger loyalty to your brand.

    Apart from being a valuable source of revenue, this technology is fun and interactive for customers and can pacify queues at the changing room cubicles. The MEDIAWALL™ has a menu system for your product lines - the public can view different categories, such as ‘recently updated’, ‘most viewed’ and ‘most followed’ and the system can present videos featuring real models or real people.

    Customers can go to the digital mirror and have photos taken of themselves wearing outfits or they can simply upload photos, having worn your products in another context, e.g. having photos taken on a mobile device away from the store in a social setting. The digital mirror function allows them to send images by email from the MEDIAWALL™ to their friends or to their social networking accounts. Sending to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ (etc), mobile or email makes this fun and provides an opportunity to see what their friends think of outfits, influencing them towards a purchasing decision.

  • UrLoyalty


    UrLoyalty is a loyalty program that is responsive and unique to its customers, think of it as a way venue operators thank you for your regular custom at their locations. They acknowledge your loyalty by providing points which can turn into discounts and rewards at their venues, the more you spend the better your rewards become. Our system is different because it identifies you through your unique code and offers you deals and information that is relevant to you in realtime from your smart phone handset or from a card with a unique QR code associated to you.

    We have built urLoyalty in such a way that it can help your day to day savings, we have added interesting features like track your spend so you can control your budget and get maximum benefit. Our system is so simple to use, you will find the registration, reward point earning and redemption process quick and easy.

    Registration takes minutes from the various options for registration. You can directly register in a venue by reading a Venue QR code on your phone or by filling in a sign up card, alternatively you can register online and choose the venue you wish to opt-in.

    If you want to review our loyalty mobile application then, go to www.urloyalty.com.

  • Interactive Mirror


    Interactive mirror is a very engaging system, providing an interactive experience for retail customers. Think of it like a large format plasma or LCD screen with touch screen functionality built in. The system is positioned in or near the changing rooms, where your customers can access the screen.

    They simply take a photo or record a video of themselves wearing different outfits so they can view and compare these images on screen.

    Our application provides a facility where customers can distribute content to: Mobile, email accounts, Twitter or Facebook, Google +, so customers have an option to involve their friends whilst comparing outfits.

    During this process our system can collect valuable customer data such as mobile numbers and email addresses that can be used for future online marketing activities, dependent on the customer 'opt-in'.

    Interactive Mirror can be stand alone or a module within MEDIAWALL

  • Voucher Wall


    Voucherwall is a voucher and promotions system that can boost retail sales, generate advertising revenue and bring awareness of brands to retail customers. The system can be provided as a complete touchscreen kiosk solution or it can be offered as a touch screen kiosk application and a CMS (Content management system) with WYSIWYG voucher creation functionality.

    The system is suited to a number of public space environments including shopping malls, health clubs, multiple brand retailers, department stores, public buildings and restaurant areas. It has a screen advertising facility so vouchers can be promoted when kiosks are in screen saver mode. Our product can be deployed within 2 days if a client uses the standard interface design.

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