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  • Digital Signage now offers a more cost efficient method of delivering your message than static signage. A digital screen can show a multitude of different messages from a single footprint. With remote content control and management, there is no need for manual on-site updating.

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  • Digital signage benefits include:

    • Statistically more effective than static signage
    • Real-time marketing, updatable in minutes, not days
    • EPOS driven content that can promote high margin or slow moving products
    • Digital content delivery which reduces your business costs and carbon footprint
    • Improved brand perception with media rich content that motivates a purchasing decision
  • Hardware

    RGB can supply off-the-shelf screen technology or create fully bespoke housing to suit a required environment. Our products can be installed indoors or outdoors using a range of sizes from seven inch screens through to large scale LED's.

    We have been involved in many media deployment projects over the years, giving us insight into what could work best for you. This includes recommendations for screen format, lighting issues, through to steering you clear of some common pitfalls, ensuring that all your requirements are met.

    We can create and manage content for the complete control of signage from one through to thousands of screens. Please see our 'software services' section for more information.

  • Off-the-shelf

    Our off-the-shelf digital signage solutions cater for most requirements, ranging from interactive to non-interactive, projection through to LED.

    Our approach is flexible, with ability to offer rental schemes to ease budget constraints.

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  • Bespoke

    If you require a specific housing for a screen, then we are able to manufacture to suit, using a number of materials. We don't just cater for hardware needs but also have the ability to integrate with other technologies, whether they are new or emerging, including: RFID, QR codes, facial recognition and gesture devices or holographic and '3D' projection systems.

    RSS and social networking data feeds can create a more relevant offering, retaining interest from your customers.

    Our service can be integrated into a new shop build or during a refurbishment subject to your requirements.

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